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African Wattled Lapwing Plovers

Name: Michael Rose
Posted: 8/26/2020
Aviary: azcongo
Location: arizona  

Birds available

Name: Robert Yoshida
Posted: 8/26/2020
Location: Florida  
I have some birds available and need to move them soon. 1.1 Black napped fruit dove 0.1 Pink necked green pigeon 1.1 Capuchinbird 1.1 Purplish backed jay 0.1 Yellow and red barbet 0.1.1 Livingstone's turaco 1.0 Copper sunbird 1.0 Green headed Sunbird 1.1 Spangled cotinga Please ema...

Female Pied Crow Female White Neck Raven

Name: N/A
Posted: 8/26/2020
Location: North Carolina  
Female Pied crow. Needs to be with a male she laid for the first time this year. Asking $1800 Female white neck raven. Asking $3500 You can go in with them, they will take food from you but they are not going to sit on your arm.


Name: Bret
Posted: 8/26/2020
Location: Georgia  
Handfed baby channel billed toucan. The one for sale is the younger bird in the pictures. Also, have a red billed toucan handfed baby

White Mandarin ducks for sale and Regular Mandarins

Price: $300.00
Name: Rosemary Miner
Posted: 8/26/2020
Aviary: Gooseneck Hill Waterfowl Farm
Location: New York  
Website: Http://www.goosenwckhillwaterfowlfarm.com
White Mandarins ducks unrelated and sexed almost full grown $300/pair. Regular mandarins unrelated and sexed $100/ pair

Mixed species for sale

Name: Stuart Denton
Posted: 8/26/2020
Aviary: Averill Farms.
Location: Florida  
Proven Female Screamer $1500 Breeder pairs of Greater and helmeted Currasow, $900 a pair Greater Curassow Morph hens, $800 each Asian Swamp hens proven pairs $700 a pair Malay Great Argus pheasants 2020 hatch $650 ea. Malay Great Argus, proven breeders $3000 a pair. Plush cap jays, older bree...

Blue Macaws

Price: $3,000.00
Name: Miriam
Posted: 8/10/2020
Aviary: NA
Location: Florida  
Website: NA
For sale Blue thruot macaws baby 12 weeks old

Warerfowl near Tallahassee Florida

Name: Bob Johnson
Posted: 8/9/2020
Aviary: Wooded Wetlands Waterfowl
Location: Florida  
Website: http://www.wetlandwaterfowl.info
Mute Swans: available soon Black Swans: $1000/pair, African Yellow-bill drakes: $90/each Black-bellied Treeducks: $90/pair Black East Indie ducks (young) $75/pair, Blue wing teal drakes: $40/each, Chestnut Breasted teal: hens: $75/each European Shelducks: drakes $100 Florida duck drakes: $5...

Mute and black swans

Price: $700.00
Name: Michael Coblentz
Posted: 8/8/2020
Location: Ohio  
Taking orders for 2020 hatch available October 1st DNA sexed pinioned delivery available to all States

Pheasants/ Francolins/Helmeted Curassows

Name: N/A
Posted: 8/7/2020
Location: Nebraska  
Website: Turkey Creek Aviaries FB
2020 Birds.  No shipping yet.  Pick up in Virginia Ne -helmeted curassow- $450 each.  Should have some morphs later on -grey pp- $200 each. 

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