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Softbills For Sale

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Softbills For Sale
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Bicudos for sale

Name: Kurt
Posted: 11/15/2018
Aviary: Competition Songbirds
Location: Florida  
Young 5 months old captive raised Bicudos/Twa Twa for sale. Both males and females available. 3 different bloodlines available. All from top quality racing birds.

Glossy Starlings for sale

Price: $450.00
Name: N/A
Posted: 11/15/2018
Location: California  
Website: NA
Pair of breeder Lesser Blue Eared Glossy Starlings $450.00 Pair of breeder Emerald Glossy Starlings $450.00 A female Eurasian Blackbird $375 A male Red Wiskered Bulbul $450.00 Three young Superb Starling $250 each A female Western Blue Bill Finch $150.00 A female breeder Brazilian Red Crested Cardin...


Name: Chris and Lisa LaGerould
Posted: 11/14/2018
Aviary: White Feather Farm
Location: Michigan  
Website: www.whitefeatherfarm.com
Mute Swan male breeder $500 Black Swan babies $250 each Giant Canada pairs $300 Barhead geese 4 available $125 each White Egyptian hens 2 yr olds $75 each Brown Egyptian pair adults $150 Common Eider male breeder $300 Wanted Blackneck swan hen Coscoroba Swan Male Chris and Lisa La...

pheasants and peafowl

Name: Oliver Jones
Posted: 11/14/2018
Aviary: Archangel Aviaries
Location: Virginia  
Red golden pheasants summer 2018 hatch from Zoo imported bloodlines. Only one pair left $30 each or $50 for the pair Hybrid pheasant male Reeves x Swinhoe, January/Feb 2018 hatch date, I don't breed for hybrids and have no idea how he came to be since our reeves pr are separate in their own run....

Curl Crested Aracari Pair

Price: $7,950.00
Name: Bret
Posted: 11/13/2018
Location: Georgia  
Unrelated pair of 2018 hatch Curl Crested Aracaris. Perfect condition, will be a great future breeding pair. 7950/pair

Pheasants and Jungle fowl

Price: $1.00
Name: Shane Sease
Posted: 11/12/2018
Aviary: Sease's Waterfowl
Location: South Carolina  
I have the following birds for sale Pheasants 6.1 Reeves 50each 15.18 silver pheasants 20each 20.30 ringneck pheasants 15each 1.0 lady Amherst 30each 4.6 salmon golden pheasant 100each 1.0 peach golden 75each 2.0 red golden 20each 3.0 mikado pheasant 80ea Jungle fowl 2.0 red jungle f...

Lady Amherst

Price: $100.00
Name: Josh
Posted: 11/12/2018
Location: California  
I have 3 young males that need a new home. Also have 1 female mandarin. $100 each.

Female Magpie Robin

Name: David
Posted: 11/12/2018
Location: California  
2 years old big size female magpie robin $600 perfect condition.

Black Throated Magpie Jays for sale

Price: $900.00
Name: Paul
Posted: 11/12/2018
Aviary: NA
Location: California  
Website: www.rainforestaviaries.com
Handfed, closed banded and DNA sexed Black Throated Magpie Jays for sale (Calocitta colliei). 2017 season hatched males and females are $900 each. One female, very tame, 2018 hatch is $1250. All beautiful birds in perfect feather. Visit website and call for details.

Keel billed toucan

Price: $2,350.00
Name: Leslie
Posted: 11/12/2018
Location: Louisiana  
DNA sexed female keel billed toucan. Approximately 1 year old. Skittish so Breeder/exhibit animal. $2350!! Well priced toucan. Located near Baton Rouge, la but can ship at buyers expense and can also drive within 4 hours of BR at buyers expense.

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