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Softbills For Sale

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Common Mynah

Price: $400.00
Name: ladonna patrick
Posted: 1/17/2019
Location: Florida  
Common mynah 4 months old, has already molted x 1, not sure of sex, loves to play with toys, takes food from your hand, has began vocalizing different sounds, very healthy and has been on excellent diet, I have a class III permit but no permit required to purchase. No shipping.

sulawesi tarictic hornbill male

Name: don opatha
Posted: 1/17/2019
Location: North Carolina  
two and a half year old sulawesi tarictic hornbill male for sale or I will buy your female sulawesi tarictic hornbill pls call 919 641 8996

Birds available

Name: Ben
Posted: 1/17/2019
Aviary: Gallegos Aviary
Location: Utah  
Website: https://coraciiforme.wixsite.com/gallegosaviary
0.0.2 Red faced parrot finch 160 0.0.2 Seagreen parrot finch 160 1.1 Red cheeked cordon bleu 80 1.0 Saint helena waxbill 50 1.1 cutthroat finch 45 1.1 Red billed hornbill 700 Shipping available weather permitting or local pickup in Logan, Utah

Toco toucan pair

Price: $22,000.00
Name: Pete
Posted: 1/16/2019
Location: Illinois  
I have a bonding pair of toco toucans. Will be 2 yo this spring. They have been caged together for 6months and doing quiet well. Female is more tame than male, neither are flighty. Easy to work around and I can enter cage without any problems. They will both readily take food from you and will be re...


Name: Aurelio Padron
Posted: 1/15/2019
Aviary: La Finca
Location: Florida  
Red crested, Violet, and Persa turacos available will ship

Female Skylark SonCa Mai

Price: $500.00
Name: Duy
Posted: 1/15/2019
Location: California  
I have a DNA female Oriental Skylark for sale. $500. Buyer to pay for handling/shipping


Price: $650.00
Name: Peter
Posted: 1/14/2019
Location: California  
Male Shamma for sale $650. Male Magpie robin $550. Male snowy crowned robin chat $350.


Name: Joshua Jarrett
Posted: 1/14/2019
Location: Indiana  
Taking orders for Mandarin Ducks. I will have White Mandarins and Normal Mandarins. I have have split to white males over white females, and White males over white females. I do not have Normal Females as breeders. So all Normal colored Males will be split to white. To place an order, simply email ...

Black Throated Magpie Jays for sale

Price: $800.00
Name: N/A
Posted: 1/14/2019
Location: California  
Website: www.rainforestaviaries.com

Keel billed toucan

Price: $3,500.00
Name: Zach
Posted: 1/14/2019
Location: Washington  
0.1 keel bill Toucan. 4 year old, breeder or display. Not a pet! Been housed in heated barn during the winter. Outside flight in summer. Shipping available through delta cargo weather permitting, at buyers expense. $3500 with partial trades possible (galliformes, doves and other species). Serious i...

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