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Baby Kookaburras

Price: $4,000.00
Name: Marc Marrone
Posted: 6/12/2021
Location: New York  
Baby Kookaburras-$4,000 each-very tame-can ship.


Price: $1.00
Name: Kevin Cutrer
Posted: 6/11/2021
Aviary: Snowflake Quail
Location: Mississippi  
Website: Snowflakequail.com
Hatching eggs for sale Snowflakequail.com

Grey crowned crane

Price: $4,500.00
Name: Barbara Garcia
Posted: 6/10/2021
Location: Florida  
Website: NA
Couple african grey crowned cranes. Proven couple, sucefully bred in the past. Excellent health conditions. Posting them because space issues.  Contact me Barbara Garcia for further information.

red whiskered bulbul

Price: $400.00
Name: Henry
Posted: 6/9/2021
Aviary: Florida Bon Mua
Location: Florida  
***ONLY FEMALE Red Whiskered*** I have several female red whiskered bulbul for sale. Over one year old ready for breeding female $400 3-4 months old female $300 Can ship with USPS at buyer's charge.


Name: N/A
Posted: 6/9/2021
Location: California  
Website: www.animalsincorporated.com
"Cranes",   "Pheasants",   "Swans"  &  "Singles": .  CRANES: Male E.A. Crowned Cranes (Juveniles, Pinioned & DNA Sexed): $1,375.00/Each  Female Demoiselle Crane (Juvenile, Pinioned & DNA Sexed): $1,375.00/Ea...

Piping Hornbill Pair

Name: Jordan
Posted: 6/9/2021
Location: California  
Piping Hornbill pair (Bycanistes fistulator) These are the smallest and quietest of the Bycanistes. Although the smallest of their genus, they're still large birds (about the size of an Umbrella cockatoo). Moving in September and unfortunately I can't take them with me. I am not interes...

Pheasants chukar quail

Name: Matt
Posted: 6/8/2021
Location: Pennsylvania  
Chicks for sale Lady Amherst $30 each White chukar $15 each Standard chukar $10 each

Chinese ringneck pheasant breeding trio

Price: $200.00
Name: K M
Posted: 6/7/2021
Location: New Mexico  
Breeding pair of unrelated Chinese ringneck pheasants. 2 females, 1 male. Shipping available, buyer pays for shipping.

Toucans and Aracaris

Name: ToucanTropics
Posted: 6/5/2021
Location: Georgia  
Website: http://www.toucantropics.com
Handfed, tame baby Toucans: Red Billed Toucan male baby, dog tame, parent pictured- 6500 Curl Crested Aracari handfed baby- 5500

Quail chukar partridge

Price: $1.00
Name: Dexter
Posted: 6/5/2021
Aviary: Back us up farm
Location: New York  
I have eggs available for white bobwhites, snowflake bobwhites, Barbary partridge, silver chukar, gambles quail, valley quail and blue scaled quail.

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