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Softbills For Sale

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Waterfowl near Tallahassee FL

Price: $150.00
Name: Bob Johnson
Posted: 11/23/2021
Aviary: Wooded Wetlands Waterfowl
Location: Florida  
Waterfowl for sale Greylag Geese: $250/pair, Black East Indie ducks: Show Quality: $75/pair, pet quality: $50/pair, Blue Wing Teal: $90/pair, Call ducks: Grey, White, Dusky, Pastel, Blue Fawn: $75 - $150/pair, Call ducks: Penciled, Snowy: $100 - $150/pair, Chestnut Breasted Teal: $200/pa...


Name: Jared Klein
Posted: 11/22/2021
Location: Minnesota  
2020 hatch pheasants Cheer males 75.00 Hume's males 100.00 Edwards male 100.00 Golden pair 60.00 Yellow hens 40.00 Swinhoe male 50.00

Mearns quail mountain quail

Price: $1.00
Name: Joe
Posted: 11/21/2021
Location: Ohio  
WE have some mearns quail, Mountain Quail and Valley quail pairs left. This year was outstanding for us! High fertility/hatch rate. Don't fall for the Mexican/Canadian bloodline BOULOGNE!! We are the biggest producers of Mearns Quail and Mountain Quail and have pictures to prove it! Go to clev...


Price: $60.00
Name: Nauferdeen idroos lebbe
Posted: 11/21/2021
Aviary: my aviary
Location: New Jersey  
I have 4 pair albino chukar 2021, each pair is $60. The birds look very healthy, if you need any information call me

Pheasants for sale in NH

Price: $60.00
Name: Tony Tirone
Posted: 11/21/2021
Location: New Hampshire  
2021 hatch red golden pair related 70.00,humes hen 75.00,swinhow hen parent raised 60.00,3 berloiz silver hens 125.00 ea or all 3 for 350.00.Box(es) and shipping extra.Please include your zip code when requesting about birds so I can get you a shipping price.

pheasants chukar

Name: Nauferdeen idroos lebbe
Posted: 11/20/2021
Location: New Jersey  
i have cray jungefowl 1 year old pair for $500 2021 albino chukae pair $60 2021 silver chukar pair $ 30 if you need photos call me call me fot shipping

Mearns juvenile males

Price: $100.00
Name: N/A
Posted: 11/19/2021
Phone: (NA) -NA
Location: New York  
Website: NA

Assorted Birds

Price: $100.00
Name: kevin werner
Posted: 11/19/2021
Location: Indiana  
I have the following 2021 hatch of Pheasants for sale : Peach Goldens 225 pr Peach splash 125 pr Cinnamon splash trio 150 Lady amhearst MALES 50 each CALL OR TEXT 765-309-6344

Few extra mearns quail males

Price: $150.00
Name: Richard Preston
Posted: 11/18/2021
Location: New York  
Have a few extra male mearns quail from this years hatch. Four months old asking 150.00 per bird. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking. Any questions please ask.

Livingstone Turaco

Price: $1,000.00
Name: Patrick
Posted: 11/16/2021
Location: Texas  
Male Livingstone turaco. 2 years old. Not a pet. Missing part of a toe from frost bite, but otherwise perfect. Text or email is the best way to reach me.

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