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Rook (Corvus frugilegus)


Exotic Birds

Price: N/A
Name: Animals Incorporated: Ask For Gary
Posted: 5/10/2019
Phone: (530) 269-1144
Aviary: N/A
Location: Idaho  
Website: https://www.animalsincorporated

"Ducks", "Peacocks", "Pheasants", "Swans", "Rare Birds" & "Singles": . . Please Note: Additional Single Birds (Males OR Females) Are Listed Below The "Swans" Category. . . PEACOCKS: Listed below are the last Peacocks we have in stock until late Fall. Male Black Shoulder Peacock (10-12...

Hoa Mi Hwamei

Price: N/A
Name: Ben
Posted: 1/29/2019
Phone: (714) 323-3002
Aviary: N/A
Location: California  
Website: N/A

I have a pair or Hoa Mi or Hwamei for sale. The male is 3 years old with beautiful body, green eyes and female is 1.5 year old with crooked left toe. This is great for breeding. Asking $950 for male and $750 for female

East African Crowned Crane

Price: N/A
Name: Terri Pompay. The Animal Club Exotics
Posted: 1/19/2019
Phone: (732) 915-4405
Aviary: N/A
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

I have two male East African Crowned Cranes both mature about 4 or 5 years old. One male has a crooked toe. I want to sell one or trade for a female. The female got eaten last night. You can make choice on birds. Pick up at the farm only. Call text or email me