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Bulbul is the name given to the otherwise known family of Pycnonotidae, a family of birds best described as some 119-140 species of medium-sized birds with short necks and wings, are Passerine (perching birds), and native to Africa and South Asia. Most of the species are found in Asian countries and fewer can be found in Africa. They are well known for being singing birds and are common pets of the Middle East. They frequent the text of Persian poetry and “Bulbul”, pronounced bool bool, often mistranslates to "Nightingale".

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Black - crested Bulbul , male

Price: N/A
Name: Brian
Posted: 10/11/2017
Phone: (NA) -NA
Aviary: NA
Location: California  
Website: N/A

Looking to sell or trade , looking for Chinese Bulbul male 

Red Cheeked Bulbul and Bounty

Price: N/A
Name: Lazaro
Posted: 10/6/2017
Phone: (786) 413-6987
Aviary: N/A
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

Looking to trade for a pair of white cheeked bulbul or Yellow tailed bulbul or all black Bounty bulbul

Red Vented Bulbul

Price: N/A
Name: tom Nguyen
Posted: 9/23/2017
Phone: (206) 841-5717
Aviary: songbirds
Location: Washington  
Website: none

Cutting down on species, I have 04 red vented bulbul for sale $400/bird. Will ship at buyer's expense serious buyer's only please text or email preper.

Whisker Bulbuls

Price: N/A
Name: Asian Bird Song
Posted: 9/5/2017
Phone: (781) 244-8616
Aviary: A breeding whisker Bulbul pair ( from Asia )
Location: Massachusetts  
Website: N/A

I have a breeding pair Whisker Bulbul (from Asia) for sale. Price$1000 plus shipping fee. Please text for details


Price: N/A
Name: Jose Fernandez
Posted: 9/2/2017
Phone: (305) 323-5406
Aviary: Blue Mynah Aviary
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

Hand raised Greater Indian Hill mynahs. Hand raised Bulbuls Very tame and ready to go, GIH mynahs Red Vented bulbuls Collared Finchbill bulbuls Red Whiskered bulbuls ( Chao Mao ) We ship nationwide, call Martha or Jose if interested. They will sell fast.

Baby Thailand red whiskey bulbul

Price: N/A
Name: Duy
Posted: 8/30/2017
Phone: (408) 483-5200
Aviary: N/A
Location: Texas  
Website: N/A

2 baby bulbul 3 month old for sale $500 will ship text for more information thanks

Red whiskered bulbul (high quality)

Price: N/A
Name: Cmao king
Posted: 8/20/2017
Phone: (269) 205-8556
Aviary: Gionghue llc
Location: Michigan  
Website: 10 am

1 male extremely high quality Red whiskered bulbul. A young active very good looking bird, not your average rwb. Please text or call 269 205 8556. No scam and no spam. I only have time for serious buyer only. Most important is you get what you pay for, dont expect to buy a cheap bird. Thanks!

Common Bulbuls- Pycnonotus barbatus

Price: N/A
Name: Daniel Almaguer
Posted: 8/20/2017
Phone: (407) 242-4377
Aviary: N/A
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

1.1.4 Common Bulbuls, Pycnonotus barbatus Great song, easy to hand feed and lay about 2-4 eggs for Clutch. Would like to keep the group together. $900.00 plus shipping

Birds of South East Asia

Price: N/A
Name: Fresno
Posted: 8/2/2017
Phone: (559) 355-6287
Aviary: N/A
Location: California  
Website: N/A

Chinese Bulbul breeding pair $800. Hand-fed babies are $400, $600, $700 each. Pick up in Fresno. I can not ship. Thanks


Price: N/A
Name: Nate
Posted: 7/28/2017
Phone: N/A
Aviary: N/A
Location: California  
Website: N/A

Long tailed Mocking Bird male ($150) just bought it for $220 Red Whiskered Bulbul baby male Due to busy schedule, not much time to care for it. Pick up only.. will meet part way.

Bulbul Videos

Types of Bulbuls (Pycnonotidae)

Bulbul Facts

Bulbuls are considered plain colored and medium in size. They range from 5.5-11” long. Males are generally larger than females, but physically, the sexes are mostly alike. Aside from some of the species having colored cheeks, vents, or throats, the birds are mostly olive-brown to black. Most species have lengthy beaks that are hooked at the end. Its showy quality is its calls that are described as "nasally" or "gravelly", but there are a variety of sounds they make across its species so this may be a factor you will want to research prior to selecting a species for a pet.

What do Bulbuls Eat?

Bulbuls eat mainly seeds, nectar, insects, small invertebrates, fruit, and berries, and sometimes damage crops and orchards because of their diet. Most of its species are monogamous and remain close “families”. The male feeds the female during egg incubation which can be up to 2 weeks. The hatched birds are cared for by both parents and often choose to stick around to help raise the parent's next brood.

Types of Bulbuls

Popular species of Bulbul in the pet trade are the Red-Whiskered and Red-Vented Bulbul. This might be because their song is prettiest among the species. On the contrary, the Brown-eared Bulbul has an unpleasant song, if you can call the piercing sound that. Other species are named by their differentiating physical traits such as the Black-Eyed Bulbul, Yellow-Whiskered, Puff-Backed, GreyCheeked, Streak-Eared, Black and White, Cream Vented and more. There are so many varieties and in some places, a high concentration of them (like Malaysia), that they make a great subject for bird watching.

Bulbul Pets

There are so many species of Bulbul that you can have as pets that their care is too diverse to mention here, however, it may be important to note some things to look for. Like previously mentioned, the bird's variety of sounds will be important to know during the selection process. It is just as important to research their behaviors in captivity. Some believe some of the Bulbul species will “commit suicide” while in captivity. It's important to take these wild animals seriously when considering keeping them as pets and strongly evaluate your commitment to keeping them happy. Bulbul species are all different, but you can expect your bird to live up to 4-6 years in captivity under optimal conditions.